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DIWA needs adoption applications.  If you have ever thought of adopting an Irish Wolfhound now is the time to put in an application.  Go to the rehoming page for an application and send it to the Rescue/Rehoming coordinator.  We have been taking in more Wolfhounds than average lately  We always put the needs of the hound first.  If you think you may be the right home, please fill out an application.

Welcome to DIWA

Who is DIWA?

We are the Desert Irish Wolfhound Association (DIWA), an Arizona-based non-profit organization that facilitates rescues and community engagement and teaching of the amazing animals that Irish Wolfhounds are. 

Whether you're a prospective wolfhound parent or long-time lover, we welcome all. 

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What DIWA Does

Making a Difference



Finding Wolfhounds Loving Homes

Sometimes circumstances require a new home for our furry friends. Because of the disposition of Irish Wolfhounds and their size, taking in a new family member requires thought and funds. DIWA seeks to put pups in the best homes we can. 

Learn more and apply to be a potential adopter below.

From potlucks to guests at book signing events, members of DIWA bring their wolfhounds to different events throughout the year. If you love wolfhounds, look into joining today.



Becoming Part of DIWA

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Contact Us

Send Us Your Inquiries

If you know someone who needs to rehome a wolfhound, please reach out to us. We're also happy to answer inquiries about wolfhounds attending events, getting started with wolfhounds, and more about DIWA. 


Gentle Giants

The tallest breed of dog in the world, there's a lot to love about Irish Wolfhounds. Check out the long history of this breed, how they are as puppies, and additional resources for learning about these gentle giants. 

Image by Natalia Gusakova

The History of Irish Wolfhounds

As much creatures of legend as they are steadfast companions today, the history of Irish Wolfhounds dates back more than two thousand years. Learn more about the rich story of these dogs. 

That's a Lot of Puppy!

Even at six weeks old, Irish Wolfhounds are the size of full-grown dogs. That's just more of them to love! Check out our gallery to see how quickly these pups go from fitting in your hands to outgrowing your lap.

Additional Resources

Interested in other ways to get involved besides our organization? Here's a bunch of handy links for those looking to dive deeper into the world of wolfhounds.



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Help A Wolfhound in Need
Leave a one-time donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

In Memorium

DIWA is who we are because of those who have come before. Visit our page devoted to the memory of those no longer with us. 

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