Before you buy an Irish Wolfhound Puppy

Irish Wolfhounds have not escaped the exploitation of commercial-type and other irresponsible breeders who are interested only in profiting from the production and sale of puppies. When profit is the motive behind breeding, essential elements of their care, such as veterinary attention, proper nutrition, careful selection of breeding stock and health testing, are neglected for greater financial gain.

  • No puppy should be released to its new home prior to 10-12 weeks of age.

Beware of any breeder whose puppies are being offered at a price substantially below the average for your area (approx. $2000 to $3000) or who seem particularly anxious to sell you a puppy, or make unsubstantiated claims.

  • Beware of any breeder who is willing to guarantee that a puppy will become a champion, or who has excuses why you cannot see the dam and/or the rest of the litter, or who has no questions to ask, or bad-mouths other breeders or breed organizations (or is ignorant of their existence).

  • Beware of any breeder doing back to back breedings with their dogs.

Every puppy at the time of sale should be accompanied by the following:

Breeding arrangements should never be established which would encourage the average buyer to undertake a breeding program.

For reputable breeders in Arizona and surrounding areas, see the lrish Wolfhound Club of America Breeder Directory

Contact Desert Irish Wolfhound Association for assistance in both locating reputable breeders in Arizona and for support in your search for an Irish Wolfhound puppy.

The Internet is NOT your best resource for finding a puppy.

The more time you take in selecting your puppy, the healthier and more rewarding your puppy is likely to be.

Below are some links to read first before you start looking for a puppy:

Things to think about BEFORE you buy a puppy:

A Puppy Buyer's Guide:

"So You Want to Own An Irish Wolfhound":

"What Does A Responsible Breeder Do?":

***"Puppy Placement Age - Is it Breeder Rapaciousness or Responsibility?" By Tamara Dunn:

Guidelines for Choosing, Owning, and Caring for an Irish Wolfhound and Breeder Obligations:

***Codes and Standards of Conduct and Behavior - Code of Ethical Conduct:

Standard of Behavior for Breeders:

Breeders and Contacts list of the IWCA (not all breeders choose to be listed on this):


****Do not jump in by immediately saying you want a particular color or how much is a puppy.  It is perfectly reasonable to ask those things but wait awhile into the conversation or even a later conversation.

PERSISTANCE is the key to finding a responsible breeder that you like and feel comfortable with.  Do not be put off by a non-returned email or phone call.  Give it a bit and follow up again.  Follow any leads that you get for other breeders.  Often you may be referred to another responsible breeder out of our region who may have a litter.

We encourage you to learn more about the breed as well by joining several Facebook groups and reading what other owners are experiencing or sharing.   Good groups on Facebook are:

"The Irish Wolfhound Community" predominantly UK owners but many US owners too.

"Irish Wolfhound Fellowship" not as active but very good information.

"Irish Wolfhound Club of America" not too active but very good information.

There are other groups but they are like the wild, wild west - a lot of first time owners giving out information that is very questionable.

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