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Image by Janke Laskowski

Wolfhound Gallery

Meet our Hounds

Scottish Highland Games

Tucson 2022

Prescott 2022
Chosen to be the Honored Society for 2023


Kelly w/ Pooka & Strider
Setting up - Greg, Glenna, Joan, Marcella w/ Pooka
Heather w/ Clan Scott
Joan w/ Brynn, Bridget And Redford
Whiskey tasting
A Wee Dram
Robin & Max-E
Gibbs & Strider

Phoenix 2023

St. Patrick's Day Parades

Bree at the Irish Faire
Brynn taking a ride on the float
Benny showing off his new vest
9 month old Strider's first parade
Grace leading the way
Finn & Kennedy marching to their own beat
Benny strutting his stuff
Playing for the crowd
Shae getting a prime spot on the float
Smile for the camera Whiskey!
Pooka getting attention from the sidelines
Leprechauns and Whiskey searching for the pot o' gold
Herding wolfhounds
We want to be on TV too
Raring to go
All aboard.  Getting ready.
Wolfhounds on parade
Smiling pretty for the crowd
Claughda meeting people
Pooka making a friend
Strider making friends
Whiskey getting St Pats Blessing PHX Parade 2023_edited
Leprachauns George & Leesa w Whiskey PHX Parade March 2023_edited
Walking with the float
St. Patrick w
Wow he's big!
Leprachauns George & Leesa w  Whiskey and St. Patrick

Phoenix 2022 

Phoenix 2023

Honorable Mention Medallion
Luna with Honorable Mention Medallion
The group at Sedona
The rest of the Group
St. Patrick's Fairy?
Relaxing in preparation for the grueling walk
Glenna preparing Bridgette for the parade
Conserving energy
Luna all dressed and ready to go
Look at those rocks in the distance
Strider with a gorgeous backdrop
Strider & Pooka walking in step
Luna & Brynn leading the way
Strider looking good
Bridgette & Shamrock on parade
Pooka looking a little windblown
Strider & Pooka looking good with redrocks in the background
Honorable Mention Medallion

Sedona 2023
Honorable Mention

Membership Meetings & Doggie Playdates

DIWA meeting 2021
Playdate April 1, 2023
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