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Izzy & Lynne

Izzy came to live with us on July 4, 2021.  Deb Kirk Elder agreed to go with me to pick her up from Pam in Tempe.  We were told that she was very clingy and very underweight due to her prior living situation.

Izzy is full of life and fun ,and  is filling out slowly.  Coat is in better condition with a diet of Fromm dog food.  We go to  a fenced in high school field every day where she and our older wolfhound, Conri, run together, they're the best of pals.  At home she always wants to  play and if Conri won't accommodate her she takes bones from the toy basket, throws them around the room and chases them like a giant puppy.  She truly is enjoying life and I can't imagine life without her even though she can be a bit of a bed hog.

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