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Rehoming & Rescue

Desert Irish Wolfhound Association (DIWA) Rehoming & Rescue assists owners who are no longer able to care for their Irish Wolfhound or who are abandoned.  

We are a group of volunteers located in areas throughout Arizona that provide a local rescue contact for Irish Wolfhounds.  We also provide an adoption policy that assures the Irish Wolfhound is placed in the best home for the hound that is a loving, permanent and safe home.

DIWA uses rescue documentation, premise (i.e. home visits), and reference checks to approve adoptive homes. DIWA keeps a list of

 applications, some of which are Irish Wolfhound experienced homes, waiting to adopt.  You don't need to have had a Wolfhound before to adopt, just willing to learn about Wolfhounds and provide a good home.

DIWA never knows when a call will come in concerning an Irish Wolfhound that needs a new forever home.  So if you are interested please fill out the DIWA Adoption Questionnaire now so when an Irish Wolfhound is available you can be considered.

Adoption fees are $400.00 for Members and $800.00 for Non-Members. Fees may be adjusted at the discretion of the board due to circumstances.  The average cost to  prepare an Irish Wolfhound for adoption is $2,500.  The fees help to offset the average cost. 


The ownership of an Irish Wolfhound is a big responsibility!  If you are considering an Irish Wolfhound, it is your responsibility to find out as much about this breed as possible.  Excellent resources include DIWA, breeders and owners, and the Irish Wolfhound Club of America (IWCA).

Help us protect the breed by keeping re-homing ads off the Internet, Craigslist, and social media.

Although DIWA does not rescue or rehome Irish Wolfhound mixed breeds, our coordinator will get information on Irish Wolfhound mixes and will contact those who have filled out the DIWA Adoption Questionnaire and marked the mixed breed box.  So if you are interested in adopting an Irish Wolfhound or an Irish Wolfhound mixed breed fill out the DIWA Adoption Questionnaire and check the mixed breed box.



Cassian Needs a Home!



Cassian is a neutered male Irish Wolfhound, probably between 14-18 months old.  He is currently being fostered.  He is about 100 pounds and about 33 inches tall.  He is very sweet, very strong and athletic.  He needs a home used to large/giant dogs.  Preferably some other large dogs to play with and room to run.  If you think you have what it takes to give this sweet boy a forever home, put in an application today. 


Testimonies & Stories

Glenna & Shamrock

This is Shamrock.  Shamrock lived with the same human family until she was 8 years old.  Being an Irish Wolfhound Shamrock was considered to be a senior dog as the average life span is 8-10 years.  In early 2022, Shamrock’s family moved to Italy.  Her family loved her very much and tried to get her over to Italy with them.  They left her with friends while they moved and worked on getting Shamrock to Italy with them. 

Without her human family Shamrock became depressed, didn’t want to eat and lost weight.  Shamrock’s human family was told they could not bring her over to Italy to be with them.  The friends of the Shamrock’s human family could not keep her long term.  Shamrock’s human family turned to the Desert Irish Wolfhound Association, Rehoming Coordinator, Pam Clark, to try to find Shamrock a new, wonderful home.

Pam had to determine what was best for Shamrock.  After speaking with Shamrock’s human family she determined that Shamrock needed primarily 3 things; 1) Someone who knew and understood Wolfhounds, 2) Someone who would be at home with Shamrock a majority of the time and 3) room to run just like she was used to.  Pam put out a notice about Shamrock looking for the right home for her.  After reviewing applications Pam found Glenna.  Glenna had had Wolfhounds for many years and currently had a 4 year old Wolfhound, Bridgette.  She knew Wolfhounds.  She is retired and has a home with lots of room for her dogs to run.

Glenna met Shamrock and fell in love, of course.  Glenna contacted and keeps in touch with Shamrock’s human family in Italy, helping her understand Shamrock even better.  Shammie, as she was to be called, was very underweight and depressed.  Glenna has worked with Shammie’s diet and an acupuncturist to get her to eat.  It took a while  Shammie got back to her normal fighting weight and looked wonderful.  She would run up and down the long driveway when visitors came and played with Bridgette and Redford (a Wolfhound mix).  Glenna’s 3 dogs were very devoted to her and Glenna is very devoted to them.  Glenna has brought her dogs to the Prescott and sometimes Flagstaff Scottish Highland games.  Shamrock passed away in 2023, but had a wonderful life with two wonderful families.

Shamrock w kitten.jpg

Shamrock and her kitten


Glenna and Shamrock at a play date


Glenna with Shamrock and Bridget


Sedona St. Patrick's Day Parade

Izzyy & Lynne

Izzy came to live with us on July 4, 2021.  Deb Kirk Elder agreed to go with me to pick her up from Pam in Tempe.  We were told that she was very clingy and very underweight due to her prior living situation.

Izzy is full of life and fun, and  is filling out slowly.  Coat is in better condition with a diet of Fromm dog food.  We go to  a fenced in high school field every day where she and our older wolfhound, Conri, run together, they're the best of pals.  At home she always wants to  play and if Conri won't accommodate her she takes bones from the toy basket, throws them around the room and chases them like a giant puppy.  She truly is enjoying life and I can't imagine life without her even though she can be a bit of a bed hog.

Danielle & Pasha

Pasha's family lived in Las Vegas.  As a puppy Pasha came from England, much like her family.  In early 2024, when Pasha was 4 years old, her family had to return to England. 


Pasha's family wanted to take her with them, but it was not to be.  They got hold of the Desert Irish Wolfhound Association and we picked up Pasha and brought her to Arizona.


A family was contacted that had put in their adoption application in 2019.  They had rescued Great Danes before but had never had an Irish Wolfhound.  A home study was done and they were found to be the type of family Pasha needed.  


After a short foster, Pasha was brought to Phoenix to find her new forever family.  She is doing very well and is loved.  The new family and old family keep in touch to talk about Pasha.  


Wizard was in a great home in Bisbee with Odin and Puca and another Wolfhound and 3 other dogs.  His owner died in January 2023.  When she passed family and friends tried to keep all the dogs together but it was simply too much.  Wizard was brought to Phoenix to join a DIWA member and her pack, seen in the background, which consists of one other Wolfhound  and other dogs.  He was slowly introduced and has now become another member of the pack.  He is doing great and is well loved!

1000002950 - Copy_edited.jpg

Pasha and her Las Vegas family


Pasha and her new forever family


Wizard and his new pack

Odin was in a great home in Bisbee with 3 other wolfhounds and 3 other dogs until his owner died in January 2023.  When she passed family and friends tried to keep all of the dogs but it became too much.  Odin has gastrointestinal issues and has to have a special diet.  A wonderful woman in Tucson, whose dream dog is an Irish Wolfhound,  stepped forward to give Odin a forever home.  DIWA Rescue and Rehoming coordinator, with help from members, found a home, had a home visit and had Odin transferred from Bisbee to Tucson.  Odin, renamed Aidin, is doing great in his new home, being spoiled and with his new pack.

Image by Natalia Gusakova

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