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Rehoming & Rescue

Desert Irish Wolfhound Association (DIWA) Rehoming & Rescue assists owners who are no longer able to care for their Irish Wolfhound.  

We are a group of volunteers located in areas throughout Arizona that provide a local rescue contact for your Irish Wolfhound.  We also provide an adoption policy that assures your Irish Wolfhound will find a loving, permanent and safe home.

DIWA uses rescue documentation, premise (i.e. home visits), and reference checks to approve adoptive homes. DIWA has a list of

pre-approved and often Irish Wolfhound experienced homes waiting to adopt.

If you are looking for a rescued Irish Wolfhound as a companion, our Rehoming &Rescue Coordinator can be reached to discuss the possibility of a Wolfhound joining you.  Please complete and return the DIWA Adoption Questionnaire.

Adoption fees are $400.00 for Members and $800.00 for Non-Members. The ownership of an Irish Wolfhound is a big responsibility!  If you are considering an Irish Wolfhound, it is your responsibility to find out as much about this breed as possible.  Excellent resources include breeders and owners, and the Irish Wolfhound Club of America (IWCA).

Help us protect the breed by keeping re-homing ads off the Internet, Craigslist, and social media.


Drifter, Savanna & Jody

Izzyy & Lynne

Izzy came to live with us on July 4, 2021.  Deb Kirk Elder agreed to go with me to pick her up from Pam in Tempe.  We were told that she was very clingy and very underweight due to her prior living situation.

Izzy is full of life and fun, and  is filling out slowly.  Coat is in better condition with a diet of Fromm dog food.  We go to  a fenced in high school field every day where she and our older wolfhound, Conri, run together, they're the best of pals.  At home she always wants to  play and if Conri won't accommodate her she takes bones from the toy basket, throws them around the room and chases them like a giant puppy.  She truly is enjoying life and I can't imagine life without her even though she can be a bit of a bed hog.

Image by Natalia Gusakova

Interested in Adopting?

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